Nemiroff Premium De Luxe – New Charity Series to Support Ukrainians

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De Luxe

Nemiroff is proud to be Ukrainian, and at the core of its, DNA has always been people – self-sufficient and brave, who create their destiny and go to the end for what they believe in.

Ukrainian brand Nemiroff announces a new limited edition – Nemiroff Premium De Luxe.

The limited edition is done in the colors of the Ukrainian flag, which symbolizes the freedom, strength, and bravery of the Ukrainian nation. We launch this product in Europe and the US with a support cause in mind.

The company will donate 100% of the profit from the limited edition sales in order to return to the full-life Ukrainians, affected by the war. The donations will be used for the treatment and rehabilitation, including prosthetics, of our indomitable heroes-defenders and civilians from all corners of the country. In September 2022, the first part of the special rehabilitation equipment will be delivered and installed in two local hospitals.

Indomitable Spirit of Ukraine gives us resilience in our fight and brings us closer to victory every day. Ukrainians are extremely freedom-minded, brave, and bold nations, and our strength is in unity. By developing the rear economy, our company also supports its partners and suppliers, giving them the opportunity to work in these difficult conditions. We admire and greatly respect the heroes who bravely defend our land and freedom every day. We are sincerely grateful to them for the possibility to maintain the business and help the country. Therefore, we are focusing our efforts on returning the affected Ukrainians to a full life as much as possible: providing treatment, rehabilitation, and high-quality prosthetics Yuriy Sorochynskiy, the CEO of Nemiroff

Nemiroff Premium De Luxe is a part of the global brand campaign “INDOMITABLE SPIRIT OF UKRAINE”, which aims to raise funds for the humanitarian needs of Ukrainians affected by the war and popularize Ukrainian products in the world.

Earlier, in August this year, Nemiroff Special – a limited charity product – was announced in Ukraine. As a result, 2 hospitals in Ukraine will receive the necessary equipment for diagnostics and rehabilitation as the first part of the donation in October.

About the product:

Nemiroff Premium De Luxe is created with a unique new recipe. It has a subtle balanced vodka taste, slightly sweetened with a spicy note, with a clean and mild aroma and light spiciness aftertaste. The spirit gives a pleasant, warm aftertaste, leaving freshness.