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Nemiroff Premium, produced to support Ukrainians

Nemiroff is proud to be Ukrainian, at the core of its DNA have always been people – self-sufficient and brave, who create their own destiny and go to the end for what they believe in. Nemiroff Company will donate 100% profit from product sales to return to the full life the Ukrainians who suffered by the war. The funds will go for the treatment and rehabilitation, including prosthetics, of our unbreakable protective heroes and peaceful residents from all over Ukraine.

Nemiroff Premium:
subtle balanced vodka taste, slightly sweetened with a spicy note, with a clean and mild aroma, light spiciness aftertaste. The drink gives a pleasant, warm aftertaste, leaving the freshness

Nemiroff Premium

  • Lux class alcohol
  • Purest artesian water from the own wells
  • Peppermint aromatic alcohol
  • 12 stages of filtration
  • 700 ml
700 ml gold premium