*based on Nemiroff De Luxe production technology



The status of innovator and leader is confirmed by international quality management standards:

  • – ISO 9001 quality management system
  • – Food safety ISO 22000
  • – Technological marking ISO 14024

The factory uses the Lean Six Sigma method to ensure thriftiness and environmental friendliness of production, and the products of the Nemiroff brand are annually recognized for their quality at international tasting competitions.


1. What sets Nemiroff's production process apart from other vodka brands?

The Nemiroff manufacturing process combines traditional craftsmanship with innovative techniques to ensure exceptional quality. Our attention to the use of natural ingredients and time-tested distillation methods ensures a distinct taste and smoothness. We have the highest filtration rate, which, for certain products, reaches up to 13 stages, which ensures impeccable purity of water and alcohol

2. Can you provide insights into the sourcing of ingredients for Nemiroff vodka?

Nemiroff takes pride in sourcing high-quality raw materials. Our grains, herbs, and other ingredients are carefully selected for their purity and flavor, and we maintain strong relationships with our suppliers.

3. Are there any special limited edition or small-batch productions at Nemiroff?

Yes, we have rested in barrel vodka and there is a separate area for this item with wooden casks that infuse the vodka to bring out the best flavor with woody notes The infusion process is like no other and is kept only for De Luxe Rested in Barrel

4. Is it possible to get a tour of the factory?

Yes, you can tour our Nemyriv facory. Register through the “CONTACT US” button on our website for an inside look at our vodka-making process. Explore our craftsmanship and dedication firsthand.