10 Million UAH for the Rehabilitation of Ukrainians Who Suffered from the War

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10 million UAH for the rehabilitation of Ukrainians affected by the war: thanks to the Nemiroff brand Nemiroff’s “Unstoppable Spirit of Ukraine” initiative, medical facilities in Vinnytsia received two batches of aid

The Nemiroff brand handed over the first two batches of aid to medical facilities in the Vinnytsia region: equipment and drugs for rehabilitation. The goal of the initiative is to return war-affected Ukrainians to their normal lives. By the end of autumn, assistance in the total amount of UAH 10 million will be transferred

Since the first days of the full-scale invasion of Russian troops into Ukraine, thousands of military and civilians have come under shelling and airstrikes. The enemy tries in every way to terrorize the residents, but we are indomitable and brave. What is more important – the army, volunteers, and business representatives are united by a single idea.

The Nemiroff brand is proud to be Ukrainian and proud of the opportunity to help its compatriots return to normal life. That is why he actively participates in rehabilitation activities and, in particular, allocates funds for the purchase of necessary equipment and medicines for medical institutions.

The general director of the company, Yuriy Sorochynskiy, was personally present and assisted in the transfer of aid. He had the opportunity to talk with doctors about the further needs of the institutions.

At the end of the conversation, Mr. Sorochynskyi said: “The next batches of medicines and equipment will arrive at the end of October and in the middle of November. The total cost of assistance will be approximately UAH 10 million.”

Currently, medical facilities have already been given medicines and equipment, which are critically needed for high-quality treatment of the consequences of mine-explosive injuries. A diagnostic device for hearing testing and a printer for printing the results, an electroneuromyograph, an encephalogram, IT equipment for the operation of the device, a blood gas analyzer and the consumables necessary for it, an electrical stimulation device, a device for the development of the ankle joint, as well as medicines for treatment were also transferred.

The funds with which the equipment was purchased were collected from the sale of the limited Nemiroff Special series. The brand was specially created to help Ukrainians who suffered from the war. The second limited line – Nemiroff Premium De Luxe, focused on export and presented in the USA, Canada, and Europe, was launched with the same goal. All profits from both series will go towards the treatment and rehabilitation of our hero defenders and civil citizens. Both actions are part of the global campaign “Unstoppable Spirit of Ukraine”, which popularizes Ukrainian goods and attracts the world to the country’s needs and help.

We admire and greatly respect the heroes who bravely defend our land and freedom every day. We are sincerely grateful to them for the opportunity to work and help the country. Therefore, we focus on returning the affected Ukrainians to full life by providing them with treatment, rehabilitation, and high-quality prosthetics summarizes the CEO Yuriy Sorochynskiy.