150 Facets of Taste: Nemiroff Held a Private Gastro Dinner with a Food Pairing Presentation

10 minutes

On March 17, in one of the capital’s restaurants, Nemiroff held a private presentation of a specially designed menu for a cocktail menu based on the brand’s premium line. At the event, Nemiroff brand ambassador Yulia Terletskaya and chef Aik Veishtort amazed guests with food pairings and cocktails, discovering new amazing combinations.

The chef developed two dishes for each of Nemiroff’s products, which were accompanied by signature cocktails. The combinations created open up a whole new world of hidden flavor combinations.

Aik Veishtort, the chef of the 5* star hotels Fairmont Grand Hotel Kyiv, Riviera Hotel, and KAMA restaurant, was responsible for the menu. Aik has extensive experience working abroad, including in Michelin-starred establishments: in the La Cabra restaurants – 1 Michelin star and Coque – 2 Michelin stars in Madrid, in one of the ’50 Best’ restaurants in the world – AOC in Copenhagen – 2 Michelin stars.

The unstoppable spirit of the creator in search of perfection directs Aik to search for new facets of tastes.

Cocktail card from brand ambassador Yulia Terletskaya – participant in international and national cocktail competitions, finalist of Barnation 2019 It is Yulia’s ambition, openness to experimentation, and indomitable spirit that perfectly combine with the DNA of the Nemiroff brand.

We see great potential in food pairing because the focus is on gastronomic experiences and emotions. Creativity in the kitchen and at the bar is a real challenge, which calls for going beyond the boundaries in your head, territorial boundaries, and the limits of what is familiar on a plate and in a glass. Consumers have become significantly bolder and more open to unexpected combinations of ingredients. As a global brand, we are pleased to share international experience and bring Western gastronomic culture, thereby developing responsible consumption in Ukraine comments Irina Zhigunova, Marketing Director of Nemiroff.

Previously, the brand twice acted as the general partner of the international gastronomic show CREATIVE CHEFS SUMMIT and held 2 seasons of its own Nemiroff Digestive Fest.

The main secret of food pairing is the common basic aromatic components in dishes and cocktails. To make the combination as successful as possible, you should follow the basic rules of food pairing: emphasize, combine, or contrast.

– Emphasize, accentuate – apply similar profiles of the dominant taste for a synergy effect;

– Combine similar flavor components;

– Contrast – balance the dominant flavor and aroma of a dish by contrasting the opposite taste, aroma, or texture in a cocktail; The best results are obtained by contrasting the physical effect (temperature, carbonation) and taste (bitter-sweet or sour-sweet), while ensuring repetition of the aroma.

As a result, the right combinations produce quite unexpected combinations that give consumers not only gastronomic pleasure but also a real explosion of tastes and sensations.

We share examples of food pairing from the event:

Salmon gravlax with whey, dill, and potato mousse. Cocktail “Nemiroff Mule” (Nemiroff De Luxe, blackberry liqueur, saffron Italian bitter liqueur, basil cordial, ginger ale)

Beef tataki with eel sauce and rice chips. Cocktail “Woody Highball” (Nemiroff De Luxe Rested In Barrel, Angostura Bitter, lime wedge, macadamia nut and chestnut soda)

Cacho e pepe with tempura oyster mushrooms and unagi sauce. Burning Breakfast cocktail (Nemiroff Burning Pear, dry Muscat wine, verbena liqueur, bay leaf bitters, dry vermouth infused with Polish mushrooms)

Dried duck breast with persimmon and truffle sauce. Cocktail “Apple Honey” (Nemiroff De Luxe Honey Pepper, Tiki Bitter, green apple liqueur, amaretto liqueur, natural acid mix, sugar syrup)

Creamy panna cotta with vodka and citrus sorbet. Bold & Bloody cocktail (Nemiroff Bold Orange, Cocchi Americano, blood orange liqueur and orange bitters, Italian aperitif foam based on soy milk, vanilla milk, osmanthus, and orange blossom water)

Please note that all cocktails prepared at the gastro dinner are based on NEMIROFF products. This is a premium vodka with a distinctive character that contributes to bar culture on a global level and was awarded taste medals by TOP US bartenders at the Bartenders Spirits Awards. For the second year in a row, Nemiroff vodka has been the basis of cocktails at food pairings for dishes from the best chefs in Europe.