Nemiroff Has Risen in Position in the Rating and Entered the List of TOP-50 Taxpayers of Ukraine

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In April 2021, Rating magazine published the traditional list of the largest companies in Ukraine by the amount of tax payments in 2020. This year the rating includes 200 companies.

Nemiroff entered the TOP-50 list of the largest taxpayers and it is one of the key representatives of the rating among the spirits companies. Over the year, the company has risen by 6 points in the rating.

This demonstrates dedication to the key company values – transparency and responsible partnership. Nemiroff diligently pays all taxes and fees according to Ukrainian legislation.

In total, in 2020 about UAH 1.43 billion was paid to the Ukrainian budget, which is 23% more than last year.

The full rating is available at the link – https://rating.zone/top-200-najbilshykh-kompanij-ukrainy-za-sumoiu-splaty-podatkovykh-platezhiv-za-2020-rik/