Top U.S. Bartenders Choose Nemiroff Vodka

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De Luxe
The Inked Collection

At the 2020 Bartender Spirits Awards, which took place in San Francisco this August, Nemiroff won 6 medals, including 3 Gold and 3 Silver, which is the ultimate seal of approval in the global spirits on-premise industry. Both premium line-ups, Nemiroff De Luxe and Nemiroff The Inked Collection received highest marks, including Nemiroff De Luxe, Nemiroff De Luxe Honey Pepper, Nemiroff De Luxe Rested in Barrel, The Inked Collection Bold Orange, The Inked Collection Burning Pear, The Inked Collection Wild Cranberry.

Nemiroff Vodka needed to score highly in all aspects of judging: Mixability, Balance and Versatility, Taste, Mouthfeel and Finish, Package & Price. This competition recognizes that bartenders are the true influencers – their passions and tastes provide direction for the consumer, especially via their guidance with wine, beer, or spirit recommendations. The creation of new drinks and cocktails is often driven by bartender tastes and perceptions of current trends.

We are extremely pleased that our spirits performed so highly at the recent Bartenders Spirits Awards. Winning an award is particularly important to us because it shows that we are making the types of spirits that spirits drinkers want to buy and enjoy said Yuriy Sorochynskiy, the CEO of Nemiroff Vodka.

According to the CEO Sid Patel of event organizer Beverage Trade Network, “The idea of Bartender Spirits Awards is to put the best judges forward to evaluate the best on-premise spirits for the consumers. We were very pleased with the quality of the spirits we received in the first year of the competition”.

About the Bartender Spirits Awards

The Bartender Spirits Awards looks to identify spirits that should become additions to bar inventories. The aim of the spirits competition is to provide independent and honest reviews for brands looking to enter the U.S. on-premise industry. The organizers of the event are Beverage Trade Network, a leading online platform dedicated to connecting the global beverage industry. The BTN platform helps beverage professionals connect with peers and understand the global business landscape, leading to the overall growth of the beverage industry. Beverage Trade Network also hosts other events such as, IBWSS shows (London, Shanghai, and San Francisco), along with other events including USA Trade Tastings, London Competitions (Wine, Beer & Spirits), USA ratings (Beer & Spirits), and 14 other events around the world. For more information, please see: https://bartenderspiritsawards.com/en/