Nemiroff Vodka Bought the Nemyriv Alcohol Distillery

7 minutes

Nemiroff, one of the global leading vodka producers, won the auction for the purchase of the Nemyriv alcohol distillery, which took place on October 15, 2020. The alcohol distillery was the first one of about 80 facilities to be privatized after nearly 30 years of state monopoly in Ukraine on alcohol production.

This purchase is a strategically important decision for the company for several reasons.

First of all, Nemiroff will be able to control and improve the quality of key ingredients, alcohol, and, accordingly, final products. Under the monopoly, the quality of Ukrainian alcohol lagged far behind other countries, as the technological base and equipment were outdated.

Moreover, the benefits of the convenient geographical location of the Nemyriv alcohol distillery, as it is located only a few hundred meters away from the Nemiroff Vodka. This provides additional advantages in the logistics of one of the key ingredients.

We are proud to finally be able to contribute to the integrity of the brand and restore its glorious heritage. Nemiroff Vodka has won the trust and loyalty of millions of consumers around the world through high-quality standards and bold tastes. The company diligently approaches both the technological process and the selection of ingredients, so after privatization, we plan to raise the quality of alcohol to a new level that meets global standards commented Yuriy Sorochynskiy, the CEO of Nemiroff Vodka.

The first mention of Nemyriv Distillery dates back to 1752, you can still see the old building next to the new alcohol distillery, from which the history of Nemiroff began. Even at that time, the production capacity was about 5,000 bottles per day. Thanks to the pure spring water of Podillya, the land of a thousand lakes, and selected grain alcohol, vodka from Nemyriv was famous for its high quality at the end of the 19th century and was served at the royal table and exported to other countries.

Therefore, buying this alcohol distillery is a logical step towards restoring the brand’s historical roots.