Nemiroff Raised the Bar in the Industry with a New Design

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The Originals

Nemiroff The Originals – New design. Same legendary taste

Since October 2020, instead of a traditional entry-level bottle line-up, Nemiroff will introduce a new bold design. Such changes in mass segment products from the usual form factor are a big challenge to the vodka industry, also, they set the bar with new standards. At the same time, the recipe of the legendary drink has not changed for many years, giving fans excellent quality and unique taste.

The new design received Nemiroff Original, Nemiroff Delikat, and Nemiroff Ukrainian Honey & Pepper, the brand’s global business card. From now on, in addition to external changes, the line-up has received a new name – The Originals, which indicates the basis and origin of the brand, and its centuries-old history, dating back to 1752.

Having changed from the outside, it is important to stay true to yourself, your principles, and life rules. Ambitious and indomitable personalities retain their essence even after external changes because they have a core, a character. Even after decades of conquering the global market, creating the brand and recognition, Nemiroff The Originals is changing in appearance, but remains true to its quality. New design, but still the same legendary taste commented Yuriy Sorochynskiy, the CEO of Nemiroff

The new design was created by a British agency, which is specialized in creating solutions for leading players in the alcohol industry.

What exactly has changed?

1. The shape has changed from rectangular to square at the base, in general, the design has become significantly different. The updated shape is not only stylish but also quite ergonomic – holding it in your hand has become even more convenient due to the special design of the sides. In addition, such a bottle attracts attention and emphasizes the status.

2. Craft label. New fonts, colors, and graphic elements highlight uniqueness and characterize reconsidering history in a modern way. This combination will stand out a lot on store shelves.

3. New eco-cap made of safe materials and does not contain Bisphenol A (BPA). In addition, these new caps, designed for the Nemiroff brand, are among the first in the world to be made without the use of polycarbonate.

4. Protection against counterfeiting is provided by the unique design of the Columbus cork for Nemiroff. It not only provides the strongest possible fixation on the bottleneck but also protects against possible removal of the cork for transfusion of the liquid in the bottle. If the cap was removed, it collapses and it’s not possible to return it to its original form. The classic protection that Nemiroff has used for years (laser date on glass and cap) remains in the new design.

It is worth noting that the changes concern only the appearance of the line-up. The legendary taste and original recipes remain unchanged. The basis of the perfect taste of Nemiroff products is clear water, which is filtered with natural minerals many times. High-quality raw materials, 9 levels of filtration, and protection against counterfeiting – this is what has been bringing Nemiroff vodka products to the leading positions in the world for decades.