Nemiroff is Recognized by Consumers as the best Ukrainian Vodka in the Annual Ranking “Favorites of Success – 2019”

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According to the independent “Favorites of Success” rating results, Nemiroff is recognized as the

best by consumers’ choice. The respondents of the contest chose Nemiroff as the best vodka of Ukrainian origin for the third year in a row.

Nemiroff is an international brand of Ukrainian origin, whose history dates back to 1872. It was a century and a half ago when the principles that the company is still devoted to were formed: high-quality requirements, compliance with old recipes, continuous improvement of production, and search for new tastes.

“Favorites of Success” is an annual rating of public preferences for determining the best and most demanded brands of goods and services and outstanding representatives of local show business. The distinguishing features of the competition are the simplicity and transparency of the system, the complete openness of ratings, as well as the participation of all companies on the market. In general, the winners of the competition are determined by the voting results of three groups of respondents: Users who indicate personal preferences and share their experiences, the Expert Jury (professional specialists in a particular industry), and the Celebrities Jury (public and famous people).

In total, in 2019, the study presented 600 categories of goods and services, 180 professionals

from various industries will recommend a high-quality choice, 80 celebrities, famous and public figures of the country will determine the success of the brand, and more than 38,000 respondents from all over Ukraine have already indicated their best choice!

To learn more about the “Favorites of Success” contest and its results and the methodology for counting votes, visit favor.com.ua.