Nemiroff The Inked Collection is Awarded 3 Medals at Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2020

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The Inked Collection

Nemiroff received 3 new awards for its premium flavored vodka line-up The Inked Collection at Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2020.  Nemiroff The Inked Collection Bold Orange is also distinguished with an “Excellent and Highly Recommended” rating by the UBC.

The judging, held throughout June and July, was once again held at the custom-designed Ultimate Beverage Challenge Evaluation Center in Hawthorne, NY, USA. This year proved to be the eleventh consecutive year of record entries from more than 45 spirit-producing nations.

All products are rated on a 100-point scale by the spirits industry’s most renowned judges including buyers, journalists, educators, and bar owners. According to USC, it is the only international spirits competition that evaluates spirits in cocktails to test their mixability. Each product is evaluated blindly by panels of judges in multi-stage tests under ideal tasting conditions over certain periods to exclude any individual bias.

“We’re having an incredible year, with the recently presented The Inked Collection taking top honors at this prestigious competition receiving in total of 13 awards during only a few months after the launch,” said Yuriy Sorochynskiy, the CEO of Nemiroff. “It’s incredibly satisfying to observe how our releases are globally recognized and this truly demonstrates our commitment to creating bold and unique tastes that are outside the box”.

About the Winners:

Nemiroff The Inked Collection Bold Orange – bright and clean, with just the right hints of sweet, citrus, and spice. Ultra-pure vodka blends its 16th-century-inspired, all-natural honey pepper infusion recipe, and fresh orange flavorings, mellowing it in oak barrels, to create an all-new taste sensation. Sip chilled shots, or mix with orange juice and ginger ale for a perfect cocktail.

Nemiroff The Inked Collection Burning Pear offers a velvety, mellow flavor that opens with sweet honey pear notes, followed by just a touch of heat in a rich, new way. Sip chilled or serve in a Sidecar or as a Spicy Mule.

Nemiroff The Inked Collection Wild Cranberry has a refreshing, slightly sweet and sour taste. Nemiroff Wild Cranberry is practically a cocktail in a glass or just combine it with a squeeze of fresh lime juice and sparkling water.

About Ultimate Beverage
Ultimate Beverage Challenge (UBC) provides expert evaluation of spirits for producers, importers, and marketers through its innovative annual competition: Ultimate Spirits Challenge. UBC partners are F. Paul Pacult, Sue Woodley, and David Talbot.