Nemiroff Supports the National Rehabilitation Center UNBROKEN in Lviv

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Nemiroff supported the National Rehabilitation Center UNBROKEN in Lviv by acquiring and installing a modern elevator as part of the charitable initiative “Indomitable Spirit of Ukraine.” The total cost of the project is 2,106,703.68 UAH, covering the procurement, delivery, and installation of the equipment. This project became possible through the charitable limited edition of Nemiroff The Originals, with proceeds from sales directed towards assisting and rehabilitating Ukrainians affected by the war.

Center UNBROKEN provides comprehensive medical care to war victims, including surgery, orthopedics, prosthetics, and rehabilitation. The center not only installs prosthetics but also manufactures, adjusts, and educates patients on their use. Additionally, the center focuses on the physical, psychological, and psychosocial rehabilitation of both military and civilian casualties. The elevator’s presence is crucial for the convenient movement of patients, contributing to their more effective rehabilitation.

This initiative is part of Nemiroff’s broader charitable project. Since February 2022, the company has been aiding mobilized personnel, and financing the acquisition of arms, ammunition, and transport, with expenditures exceeding 3 million UAH. Moreover, over 10 million UAH has been allocated for purchasing medical equipment, and medicines for healthcare facilities, and supporting the needs of charitable foundations.

The National Rehabilitation Center UNBROKEN plays a vital role in Lviv’s First Medical Association, the largest medical institution in Ukraine. Since the onset of the full-scale war, over 15,000 Ukrainians, including adults, children, civilians, and military personnel, have received qualified medical assistance at the center. The UNBROKEN project is implemented with the support of the Lviv City Council and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.