Nemiroff Acquired Equipment for a Medical Facility in the Vinnytsia Region

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Due to a full-scale invasion of the russian federation on the territory of our country, many Ukrainians were wounded. Unfortunately, each day the number of injured only grows. Therefore, Nemiroff’s company assigns a part of its income to finance social initiatives.

Nemiroff is the Company that Backs Up War-stricken Ukrainians

The Nemiroff brand holds up our compatriots starting from the first days of the full-scale invasion of the russian federation. As a part of a charity program “The Indomitable Spirit of Ukraine”, the company acquired the equipment needed for diagnostics and rehabilitation for the medical facility in the Vinnytsya region. The cost of the equipment is 1.305.134 UAH. 

The list of equipment includes:

– The electroneuromyography complex M-TEST ONE-2 allows for examining patients with a wide range of neurological morbidity. It is designed to diagnose the condition of peripheral nerves, muscular irritability, and conduction velocity of nerve filament impulses. Shortly doctors will be able to employ the complex for rehabilitation of the war-torn Ukrainians.

– The unit Redcord Workstation Professional is designed for rehabilitation and neuromuscular stimulation. It is intended for kinesitherapy and rehabilitation exercises in suspended condition. The unit aids recovery of the patients who have been affected by orthopedic traumas. Moreover, the unit provides a longstanding health-promoting effect. At the end of this month, the doctors of the medical facility will be trained to maintain the unit. After the end of the training, they will be able to make the rehabilitation and aftercare of the wounded more effective.

– The portable ultrasonic imaging system Mindray DP-50 is equipped with a linear array probe and a curvilinear transducer.

How Nemiroff Supports War-stricken Ukrainians

– Since February 24, 2022, the Company spent 13 million UAH on social initiatives. These social initiatives were covered by the profit made on selling the charity line of products Nemiroff The Originals.

– It includes 3 million UAH that the Nemiroff spent on the acquisition of ammo, weapons, and vehicles for our soldiers as well as on employees who joined the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

– Another 10 million UAH was spent on procuring pharmaceutical products, equipment for medical facilities, and financing of charity foundations.

It is also important to note that Nemiroff is one of the largest taxpayers in Ukraine. Over the last year, the company paid 1.6 billion UAH to the budget.