Award-Winning Design: The Inked Collection by Nemiroff Wins 3 Gold Medals in London

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The Inked Collection

Flavored line-up The Inked Collection by Nemiroff received 3 gold medals for its outstanding design at the international competition The Design & Packaging Masters in London. The Spirits Business, leading international media in the spirits industry, held its annual competition, where an experienced panel of judges recognized the best bottlings in the business.

Worth noting, that these awards are not the first achievements of the line-up – earlier this year, The Inked Collection already received several gold medals at international competitions for its taste.

Brand story, functionality, and sustainability are key when it comes to the design of spirits packaging.  So all participants were evaluated based on these criteria.

Extra creative minds and deep meanings are behind The Inked Collection label. All those little print details are kind of hidden messages to the consumer. Through them, the brand speaks to its audience and tells about its history and expertise. Embossing details is not an easy feature to get, it’s a complicated technique. They’ve gone to a lot of details to stand out, which confirms the professionalism. The bottle itself is unique in terms of shape and proportions – such size is good to meet the needs of bartenders The Design & Packaging Masters jury representatives commented.

The Inked Collection’s design was inspired by the strength and energy behind the tattoo culture as a way of self-expression, an opportunity to emphasize a person’s uniqueness. After all, it is this kind of strength and willingness to create your destiny that is inherent in Nemiroff’s brand DNA said Iryna Zhygunova, Marketing Director of Nemiroff.

Modern tattoo style complements unique bold tastes that go far beyond the usual associations in the vodka industry. At the same time, the craft approach reminds us of the brand’s centuries-old history and heritage. On the label, you can see important accents, and symbols – fruits and berries, honey and spices. These ingredients reveal the richness of the line-up’s flavors, as Nemiroff is known for its expertise in the production of flavored vodka using all-natural ingredients.

Therefore, the new design awards, together with the recent taste awards, once again confirm the international recognition of The Inked Collection by Nemiroff.