1st record of the production of wheat vodka in the town of Nemyriv, Ukraine


Count Hryhoriy Stroganov founds the original Nemiroft distillery, at that time the largest in Podilly.


Establishment of the modern Nemiroff Distillery, which produces the original Nemiroff recipe


#1 Ukrainian brand of vodka according to the annual rating of alcoholic beverages “Millionaires’ Club” by Britain magazine Drinks International


#2 International Vodka Brand (TOP 100 IWSR)


#3 vodka brand in Duty Free and Travel Retail Global


Vodka of the Year in the London Spirits Competition and the announcement of the start of a strategic partnership with the UFC


The fastest growing international brand of alcoholic beverages


Nemiroff continued production during the wars in Ukraine. Creates a new series: Nemiroff De Luxe UA and Originals UA Limited Edition to support Ukrainians, where 100 of the profit goes to the treatment and rehabilitation of defender heroes and civilians


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    Vodka exporter in Ukraine

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    Ukrainian brand of vodka

Head office in Kyiv


1. Where does the Nemiroff brand come from?

The Nemiroff brand hails from the town of Nemirov in Ukraine. Established several decades ago, it derives its name from its place of origin, paying homage to the rich history and traditions of the region. Nemiroff’s birthplace, Nemirov, is steeped in historical significance. It is renowned for its cultural heritage and has been a hub for craftsmanship and artisanal production for generations. This historical context serves as the backdrop to the brand’s commitment to quality and excellence in crafting premium vodka. Founded many years ago, Nemiroff has maintained a dedication to its Ukrainian roots. It draws inspiration from the unique attributes of the region, including the pristine waters, fertile lands, and the artistry of local distillation techniques. Over the years, the brand has evolved and expanded its product line, becoming a symbol of Ukrainian craftsmanship and an ambassador of the nation’s heritage on the global stage. Today, Nemiroff stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of Nemirov and its commitment to producing exceptional vodka. Its name reflects both a sense of place and the enduring traditions that have contributed to its success in the world of spirits.

2. Is the Nemiroff brand socially responsible?

Yes, Nemiroff is socially responsible, focusing on:

– Reducing Energy Consumption: Through digitization, the brand minimizes paper use and energy consumption.

– Waste Recycling: Nemiroff recycles 100% of its waste materials, contributing to environmental sustainability.

– Aiding War Victims: the brand actively supports the victims of the war launched by Russia against Ukraine, demonstrating humanitarian commitment. At the moment, Nemiroff has donated more than UAH 10 million

3. What are the main principles and values of the brand?

  • CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT. This is our way to development. We are constantly learning and developing, inspired to reach new heights and create a better version of ourselves
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY. In achieving our goals, our priority is ethical business conduct, care for employees and the environment
  • CHALLENGE. This is our constant internal state, the root cause and driving force of constant improvement
  • LEADERSHIP. We always demonstrate leadership qualities in all aspects of our lives, regardless of the position we hold, from personal development to work in the company
  • EFFICIENCY. We always strive for the best results, using a minimum of time and resources
  • RESPONSIBLE PARTNERSHIP. This is the basis of our relationship. We strive for mutually beneficial cooperation, where each party contributes to the achievement of common goals.

4. Does Nemiroff have collaborations with other brands or thought leaders?

Yes, the brand partners with the UFC and its fighters, sharing a passion for excellence and determination. Additionally, Nemiroff has joined forces with the iconic Harley-Davidson brand, symbolizing a shared spirit of adventure and authenticity. It actively participates in high-profile events like Forbes and Chef Summit, where Nemiroff serves as the main sponsor or partner, further reinforcing its commitment to innovation and quality in the world of spirits. These collaborations underscore Nemiroff’s dedication to engaging with like-minded brands and thought leaders who embody its values.