Perfection of Production


We take pride in the undeniable quality of Nemiroff Vodka.  Our high production standard and sophisticated process combined with the latest technology result in a product that is recognized throughout the world. We work closely with the Krones EU team to keep our processing technique current.  Once the vodka is ready for filtration, it goes through a multiple stage process of filtration which results in a unique, rich flavor.



Modern Technologies of Protection

Highly skilled specialists oversee quality control for Nemiroff Vodka.  They work in an advanced laboratory using the latest technology supervising everything from tinctures and quality control to production.  Laser marking technology is implemented in order to protect the Nemiroff trademark from imposters.

Compliance to International Standards

We are compliant with the international standards of quality management and we are recognized as both an innovator and leader.

  • Quality Management System ISO 9001
  • Food Safety ISO 22000
  • Technological marking ISO 14024

The Lean Six Sigma method is utilized to ensure provenance and environmental friendliness.  The Nemiroff trademark annually receives recognition of quality at world tasting contests.