Nemiroff Deluxe Pure in Shot

glass with drinkDecoration picture iceNemiroff deluxe

Nemiroff is clean, crisp and aromatics tease the nose with hints of linden flowers and vanilla. On the palate, it is smooth and full-bodied, with juniper shade that slowly disappears and leaves a delicate and refreshing aftertaste. Enjoy Nemiroff Deluxe in its purest form. Pour 2 oz of Nemiroff over ice and enjoy

Honey Pepper Vodka Shots and Perfect Serve

The estate-harvested honey and local peppers used to create this one of a kind vodka results  in a carefully balanced blend of sweet-and-heat. Enjoy as a chilled shot by pouring about 2 ounces of Nemiroff Honey Pepper over an ice filled glass.  For a perfect serve, pour into your cocktail glass and enjoy. Pepper Optional but Optimal! 

glass with Nemiroff de luxe Honey pepper
golden textureNemiroff de luxe Honey pepperglass with ice

Express Your Feelings

Nemiroff Vodka is the right choice when you want to express your feelings.  Bold, individual and one of a kind, this vodka is for those who are confident and strong.  The Man Makes The Man, We Make His Vodka.