Development of Cocktail Culture

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Cocktails are rightly considered the tastiest and most exotic alcoholic beverages in the world. The idea to combine strong alcohol with different liqueurs, juices, coffee, sugar, and other ingredients made possible the creation of thousands of flavor combinations, where everybody can find one’s favorite one.

The first records about cocktails are dated to the 19th and 20th centuries. It depends on what country is meant. Vodka, rum, whisky, and other strong alcohols together with wine and beer were used as a basis, therefore cocktails differed not only in flavor but in strength as well.

Stories of Creation of the Most Popular Cocktails

Cosmopolitan. All admirers of the serial Sex and the City can unmistakably recognize the light and pleasant pink cocktail that girlfriends ordered meeting in pubs. Nevertheless, it gained popularity well in advance, since the first records about the Cosmopolitan can be found in a book for bartenders issued as far back as 1934. There were several recipes, therefore, they became original prototypes of the modern version.

The Cosmopolitan concoction requires vodka, orange liqueur, lime, and cranberry juice. The cocktail has a vigorous citrus flavor with mellow berry sourness. In the 80s the Cosmopolitan was popular in the LGBT community, it was them who started to add cranberry for the deep pink color.


Cocktail “Double Cosmo” based on The Inked Collection Bold Orange and Wild Cranberry flavored vodka

Bloody Mary. The Bloody Mary is a mandatory point in the list of a classic cocktail menu. A rather simple combination of vodka, tomato juice, and spices every time offers a new flavor since the result always depends on the experience of a bartender and the mood of a visitor.

For the first time ever the Bloody Mary was concocted in a Parisian pub. The ordering customer was an American who wished to try a spicy and strong cocktail with strongly marked bitterness. Having such an order, a bartender decided to mix some tomato juice, classic vodka, and a bit of spice. The result was amazingly ingenious despite the simple recipe and affordability of ingredients. Since it happened as far back as 1911, we may state with confidence that the Bloody Mary is one of the oldest cocktails, which is more than 110 years old.


Cocktail “Honey Pepper Mary” based on De Luxe Honey Pepper vodka

Gibson. If you are a devotee of the serial The Queen’s Gambit, then for sure you have heard about this cocktail from the main female character and her mother. This cocktail was based on a Dry Martini; however, with certain differences. If nowadays, Martini is a brand name of an alcoholic beverage, then in the 60s-70s it was the exact name of the cocktail. One of the ways to concoct it was to combine gin or vodka with vermouth and some bitters for flavor.

The Gibson got its name in honor of the owner of the popular magazine Life. It was exactly Charles Gibson who created the image of the Gibson Girls who were ideals of beauty in America in the 20th century. He was friendly enough and often visited a pub with his friends, however he was reluctant to have a hangover the next morning. Then he arranged with a bartender telling him to pour water into his glass instead of alcohol, and in order not to make a mistake, the bartender added some onion to it instead of traditional olives. The other visitors liked this idea so much, that they also started to order alcohol exactly with small onions.


“Vodka Martini” cocktail based on De Luxe vodka

Vodka Nemiroff – the Basis of Signature Cocktails

If you are an admirer of cocktails and want to entertain your friends and relatives with exotic alcoholic beverages, then vodka Nemiroff will be an excellent basis for any of them. Classic neutral savor will perfectly bring out the flavor of other ingredients, and traditional strength will enrich the relish of alcohol and allow relaxing in the company of the closest friends. The signature cocktails of the Nemiroff brand Ambassador Julia Terletska may add brightness to any event.