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Honey pear taste

Nemiroff blends ultra pure vodka, its 16th century inspired, all natural honey pepper infusion recipe, and fresh pear flavorings to create an all new taste sensation. Nemiroff Burning Pear offers a velvety, mellow flavor that opens with sweet honey pear notes, followed by just a touch of heat in a rich, new way . Sip chilled or serve in a Sidecar or as a Spicy Mule.

New York International Spirits Competition, Bartender Spirits Awards, Vodka Masters 2021

Nemiroff Burning Pear

  • Pure natural water
  • Premium-class grain alcohol
  • Natural pear extract
  • Honey, chili pepper and steppe herbs
  • 11 stages of filtration
1000 ml gold premium
700 ml gold premium
500 ml gold premium
50 ml gold premium